Saffron Circle at Gravel Gardens

planting at Gravel Gardens in 2022

harvest at Gravel Gardens

Saffron Circle at Bramble Fields

planting at Bramble Fields in 2022

harvest at Bramble Fields

Interactive plant installation / micro mental health garden. A large  circle of Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus L.) plants (approximately 50 plants).  The focus of the piece is using nature and medications to help mental health. Saffron contains similar properties to the fluoxetine (aka Prozac). Self care needs tending, like Prozac it takes time for you to see and get the best results from medication and from nature. 

"Saffron can be extracted from the dried elongated stigmas and styles of saffron, a blue-purple flowering plant of the Crocus genus, belonging to the Iridaceae family, which, in some studies, has been used to treat depressed patients." from Study
"The saffron crocus plant is extremely labor-intensive. Each flower only holds a trio of the crimson, threadlike stamens that must be harvested and dried to use. Animals like rabbits and voles like to feast on the bulbs. A cold, damp winter can rot the corms." JENNIFER KOPF

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