I have a few Processing Parenthood projects ready to be worked on:
Kitchen Sink Tote (year 2) 
PLAN: sewn an oversized tote, that a secondhand kitchen sink will fit in, then photograph of a parents of toddler with the bag. 
Ananeinananonagus (year 3) 
PLAN : cement garden sculpture made from ephemera and non-recyclable household waste.
Carpe Diem Pancakes (year 4) 
PLAN: large canvas made of reclaimed fabric, painted to with poured paint reminiscent of the pancakes made during 2020
Working concept: Home Lunch (year 5)
Inspiration: lunch packed for school with small book with lunch drawings. 
PB&J (cut on diagonal), cut apple with rubberband around it, gray rag, metal cup w/lid and reusable straw, treat (candy) - Sculpture or painting

Potential Site Project
Self-help Saffron Squares / Saffron Circles
I’d love to realize an interactive plant installation / micro mental health garden. A large concrete or stone pad/seat in the shape of a circle or square surrounded by Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus L.) plants. A handmade seat cushion would go with the peice; to be used on the hardscape center shape during saffron spice harvest. The focus of the piece is using nature and medications to help mental health. Saffron contains similar properties to the fluoxetine (aka Prozac). 

"Saffron can be extracted from the dried elongated stigmas and styles of saffron, a blue-purple flowering plant of the Crocus genus, belonging to the Iridaceae family, which, in some studies, has been used to treat depressed patients." from Study
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